Redesign is a non profit organization dedicated to providing sustainable and accessible food sources to communities around the world. They do this by creating community refrigerators, which are stocked by members of the community.  On their site, they maintain a database of the community fridges as well as provide resources for those who want to start their own.

For this project, I focused on redesigning the landing page. I wanted the page to reflect the organization's mission and create something that would be sleek, modern, and user friendly. 

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Taking Inventory


When I scrolled through's landing page, I found that there was a lot of information packed onto one page that could be reorganized into unique pages and added into the navigation bar. Information such as individual locations and the team of people who worked on the project were moved to their own pages. I also found that some of the text and titles were difficult to read and determined the landing page needed a donate button that stood out from the rest of the buttons.


The critiques I focused on for my redesign were:

  • reorganizing the information in an engaging way

  • highlighting global impact

  • editing the navigation bar

  • making the "donate" button more visible

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Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 12.55.12 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 12.55.58 PM.png


To begin this redesign process, I decided to conduct a comparative analysis of other websites with similar mission statements. On my initial viewing of the, I noticed they had a section dedicated to sponsor organizations, so I began my comparative analysis there. When I looked at these sites, I noticed their landing pages had sleek visual design, with a tricolor color scheme, an image that related to the organization in the heading, their mission statement, and global or community impact. The other sites, also had a donation button next to their navigation bar that stood out from the rest of the page. As I broadened my research to other non-profit organizations, I noticed a similar theme.

Final Designs

Landing Page (2).png

Landing Page

Landing Page Menu Active (3).png

Landing Page-Menu Active

For the header, I created a collage with images that were used in a slide show on the original page. I moved their motto, "Give. Take. Share." to the header to emphasize their mission. I added a map with pinpoints of each location, instead of boxes with a photo and location to highlight the global impact of the organization and minimize some of the scrolling for that section of the landing page. Finally, to make the donation button stand out I removed it from the navigation bar and created a separate button with rounded corners and colored it green.


In order to keep the design sleek and simple, I opted for the font Freehand, a sans-serif that was easy to read. I decided to simplify the background, but used the tomatoes from the original design as a guide for choosing the color scheme. I chose to use a white background with red as the primary accent color and yellow and green as secondary accent colors.

The tools I used in this redesign were Figma and Photoshop.

Other Work

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