Bee Feed Me

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Bee Feed Me is a podcast and Instagram account centered around recipes, wellness, and education that will launch later this year. I worked with the clients to create these initial designs for their podcast cover art. They wanted the design to convey their brand's central idea of a "tie dye heritage."

After Work With Tucker Iverson

AWWTI light.png
After Work Advent Calendar JJ w:
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After Work with Tucker Iverson is a late night comedy show airing bi-weekly on YouTube. I worked with Tucker and his producer to develop a logo for social media accounts, title screens, and backgrounds compatible with a green screen. The goal of the designs is to mimmic the feeling of a late night television show, while being tailored to the content being written by Tucker and his team.

Check out the show here!

The Radical Beet

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Vegan AF Sticker.png
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Make it Hot Sticker.png
Make it Sexy Sticker.png
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The Radical Beet is a virtual restaurant that opened in October of 2020 and is focused on serving unique vegan food, while also supporting thoughtful conversations surrounding current events. I worked with the owner and her marketing team to create designs that combined the brands central beet color with a 70s feel. Together, we created nine sticker designs and multiple variations of the pinwheel and vertical stripes to serve as backgrounds for text used on Instagram stories and posts.