Quick Bites By Kell

Quick Bites With Kell was a food themed Instagram account I started in the fall of 2018. I was experiencing the incredible food scene in New York City and wanted to share my experiences through food photography. It was a creative outlet for me at the time and allowed me to keep one foot in the food world while the other was in teaching. 

When the pandemic shut the city down, I moved back home to California to stay with my parents. It was in my parents' home I began to experiment with the art software Procreate. I shifted the direction of my account to drawing the food I saw in my feed or illustrating ideas in my head. Quick Bites with Kell soon became Quick Bites By Kell, a food illustration account where I could share digital illustrations and fun food facts.

At a Glance

As of November 17, 2020:
-200+ illustrations
-completed Inktober with They Draw and They Cook
-reposted by Moschino

Inktober 2020

Untitled_Artwork 82.PNG

Day 1: Artichoke

Untitled_Artwork 83.PNG

Day 2: Coffee

Untitled_Artwork 77.png

Day 3: Pasta

Untitled_Artwork 84.PNG

Day 4: Figs

Untitled_Artwork 85.PNG

Day 5: Garlic

Oranges small.jpg

Day 9: Citrus

Untitled_Artwork 93.PNG

Day 13: Asparagus

Untitled_Artwork 108.png

Day 17: Almonds

Untitled_Artwork 76.png

Day 21: Fruit Bowl

Mushrooms small.jpg

Day 25: Mushrooms

Untitled_Artwork 106.PNG

Day 29: Brocolli

whisk small.png

Day 6: Whisk

Untitled_Artwork 90.PNG

Day 10: Salad Toss

Untitled_Artwork 109.png

Day 14: Breakfast

Untitled_Artwork 96.PNG

Day 18: Kitchen Gadget

Untitled_Artwork 100.PNG

Day 22: Herbs


Day 26: Utensils

Untitled_Artwork 107.PNG

Day 30: Gourd

Untitled_Artwork 87.PNG

Day 7: Beets

Untitled_Artwork 91.PNG

Day 11: Spices

Untitled_Artwork 94.PNG

Day 15: Icing

Untitled_Artwork 97.PNG

Day 19: Pomegranate

Untitled_Artwork 101.PNG

Day 23: Pots and Pans

Untitled_Artwork 104.PNG

Day 27: Tart

Untitled_Artwork 88.PNG

Day 8: Corn

Untitled_Artwork 92.PNG

Day 12: Salt and Pepper

Wheat Small.jpg

Day 16: Wheat

Untitled_Artwork 98.PNG

Day 20: Table Setting

Onion small.png

Day 24: Onion

Untitled_Artwork 105.PNG

Day 28: Cocktails


Day 31: Pumpkin


Class of 2020 Graduation Series


Molecule Monday was inspired by what I learned as a food science student at UC Davis. I was fascinated by the different functions that each molecule served in our daily lives and how little I had known about them prior to my studies. Armed with the information I had, I set out to make food science more accessible to the general population through the use of bright colors, structural breakdowns, and social media.







Erythritol 1.jpeg

Erythritol Breakdown